I have always had a love for all things that go well with a cup of tea (chocolate cake/good friends/a lovely view…).  Wherever I travel, my first port of call is usually finding a good little bakery or cafe & soak up local life while eating a slice of something delicious.

I’ve been back home in Ireland for the last year & have taken the opportunity to use my mum’s kitchen & never-ending pantry to whip up cakes, cookies & biscuits & all things dessert based.

I live in the countryside & am surrounded by big green fields & cows & sheep & horses.  Grass fed butter & cream, eggs from happy, healthy chickens, good quality chocolate, seasonal fruits & vegetables (yes vegetables) make for my happiest ingredients to experiment with.  I love delicate little French pâtisserie, especially tarts of any description, but also am a big fan of the basics like an Irish scone, tea brack or a generous slice of chocolate cake.

Besides baking, I take photos (not just of cake!), traipse around the fields & mountains, practice ashtanga yoga, read too much poetry, & occasionally (daily) dance around my room.

In summary, this is a collection of weekly treats I’ve baked & loved & hope you do also.




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